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Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


A Customer Orientated

HomeLegal is not a traditional estate agency.

Our philosophy is simply that if we create extraordinary value for buyers of properties in Hermanus, what better way is there to serve the best interests of sellers than procuring keen and willing (and happy!) buyers for their properties.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our unique value proposition, our business model and processes:


1. What is the difference between HomeLegal and a traditional estate agency?

HomeLegal is a company comprising real estate attorneys in addition to real estate agents. Our in-house attorneys are employees rendering services for the buyer that no traditional estate agency can replicate or include in their business model. This ensures that our buyers save time and money when purchasing through HomeLegal. It also gives our sellers’ properties an immense advantage over other agencies in Hermanus and other regions.

2. Which areas do you serve?

HomeLegal is based in Hermanus, but our business model allows us to assist buyers from, and in, any region in the country.

3. Is a HomeLegal a registered agency with the EAAB?

HomeLegal Realty is an estate agency duly registered with the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) and we comply with all the legalities and protocols required by law. Our company and employees possess valid Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFC’s).

4. If a property is not listed on your website, can we still purchase the house through HomeLegal?

In the event that the property of interest is not currently in a sole mandate agreement between the seller and another agency, we will contact the owner to schedule a viewing for the buyer.

If an offer were to be made on the property, HomeLegal will sign an agreement with the seller in order for the buyer to make the purchase through us and gain all the benefits that our estate agency offers.

5. Is the seller the client of HomeLegal or the buyer?

Our commission is paid by the seller. Therefore, the seller is our client. However, creating the best value for buyers, we ensure that our clients’ properties are the most attractive in the marketplace.

Our focus is on providing the best services to buyers so as to ensure that ultimately sellers will benefit by such an approach.

6. What are all the services that are offered to sellers that want to list with HomeLegal Realty?

With an office comprising real estate professionals with different departments, we offer the following services: value assessment of a property, professional photography, marketing & advertising, buyer verification, viewings (in Hermanus), negotiations, closing the deal and facilitating the transfer of the property into the buyer’s name.

We also provide free will and testaments for both buyers and sellers as well as assisting buyers to qualify for a bond. It makes sense to have a team taking care of you and not one individual agent handling all departments.

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