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Property staging is the act of preparing a property before it enters the real estate market. The way we live in a property and the way a property should look when being advertised, are two different things.

If you’re trying to decide whether staging a house is worth the money, the following advice might be helpful.

If done right, staging a house can help it sell fast.

A well-staged home makes a great first impression in online listing photos, helps the buyer visualize themselves living there, and presents your home as a well-cared-for investment. Even the most basic home staging can increase the selling price of your house.

However, in competitive markets with high asking prices, sellers are taking home staging one step further. Enter extreme home staging. But is it worth it?

When should you consider a pre-listing extreme home makeover?

To help you decide whether you need to go extreme, consult your real estate agent. They should be able to tell you how your home compares with others in the neighbourhood and if it just needs a simple declutter …

Is home staging necessary?

If you’re listing your home at the top end of the market, you might consider kicking your staging up a notch — maybe finally updating those builder-basic kitchen cabinets to custom cabinets or updating outdated light fixtures to something more modern.

Is home staging worth the money?

If your home for sale is empty, the answer is probably yes. Buyers are visual. Viewing un-staged properties makes it very difficult for a buyer to imagine themselves living in that property, simply because the property is either empty or full of the current owner’s personal belongings.  Subconsciously a buyer feels less comfortable and ends up leaving the property without paying full attention to what the property, in fact, has to offer.

How can a homeowner benefits from staging a property?

  • Your property will attract a bigger audience.
  • In markets where property staging has been part of the selling process, statistics have shown that the staged properties sell 45% faster and 8-10% gets better offers.
  • Apart from listing your property with a low commission real estate agent, property staging is the only marketing tool that an owner can use to save money by simply minimising the amount of time a property stays in the market.

Follow these 10 easy tips to stage your property

  1.  Spring clean

Make sure everything is spotless and tidy. From ceiling fans to floor skirtings.

  1. De-clutter

It might be a good idea to either sell, store or donate everything you haven’t used in the past 3 months.

  1. De-personalise your house

From the moment the property enters the market, change your mindset to “It is not my property anymore”. Reconsider taking down family portraits from the walls, store away any religious items, and do not leave your animal trophies hanging on walls.

  1. Neutralise

Neutralize the colour pallet of your property. Dark colours make space appear smaller while white, on the other hand, can become too bright.

  1. Maintenance is imperative

Fix everything inside and outside the property that needs to be fixed especially when it is visible.

  1. The layout of the rooms

Furniture layouts must maximise the feel of the space. Do not block the movement flow when a prospective buyer walks through the house. Furniture that stands off the ground maximises the feeling of overall floor area and back of the couch is most certainly not attractive.

  1. The exterior of the property

Take care of the outside, especially the entrance. Before deciding to make a viewing appointment, a potential buyer may drive past your property. It is generally assumed that if an owner takes time to take care of the outside of his property, the inside would be well taken care of too.

  1. Styling / staging

Use the architectural language of the property and its suburb to aid your styling choice. Beach house décor will not be appreciated on a game farm.

  1. Lights

On viewing days, the owners or the estate agents should open all curtains, blinds and turn all lights on. Test all the light bulbs prior to the viewing.

  1. Animals

Not everyone loves animals. If possible, take pets for a walk during viewings, put away their beds, bowls and toys.

 Written by LInda Chivell

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