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The real estate industry is experiencing a new disruptive trend of forward-thinking and efficiency conscious firms offering low commissions and flat fees, to the dismay of many traditional estate agents.

 Thanks to the advent of information technologies encroaching on the real estate industry and opening new ways of processing real estate transactions, old-school agents are trying frantically to protect their commissions, which can be as high as 8 percent, by providing additional services to sellers that want to put their property in the market.

To quote Meyer de Waal of the Attorney Realtor Hub directly, “The current estate agent model is still operating in the stone age.” This alludes to the outdated idea that the high commissions charged by traditional estate agencies are justified by all the labour-intensive services provided to sellers by agents during the sales process. These include guidance in preparing the property for sale, collecting marketing media and information, listing the property on their books, sourcing qualified buyers, arranging viewing meetings, facilitating these viewings themselves, then negotiating the offers and providing guidance throughout the entire sales process that follows from an accepted offer.

Yes, to have a single person manage and coordinate all of those processes on his own, while dealing with more than one transaction at a time, and having to be available to all interested parties of all transaction on their books at all times as a single point of contact while also staying updated on all the pieces of information pertinent to the property in question, certainly can amount to a lot of work.

But this is exactly why this old model’s major inherent flaw is tied directly to the “single-point-of contact convenience” claimed to be to the advantage of the seller. The amount of work such an agent is required to manage often means that he/she simply isn’t always available to respond to queries when needed and with the right information, the entire process consequently becoming delayed due to the limited capacity and knowledge of one person.

To add fuel to this overwhelming fire, attorneys who have been providing conveyancing services are generally better equipped to handle the sale of a property on behalf of a client due to their extensive experience in the legalities surrounding anything with regards to real estate. Since time immemorial they have been providing seminars and frequent training to traditional agents to better educate them on matters such as the OTP (Offer To Purchase) amongst other important functions, in order for them to better serve the sellers of properties.

Considering all these factors, would it not make more sense to cut out the traditional estate agent entirely and use the services of an attorney directly, so as to save substantially on time and commission costs? Who better to host viewings by prospective buyers than the owner of the property themselves, negating the need for facilitation by an agent.

One such disruptor and new kid on the block that aims to prove that this indeed makes a lot more sense, comes in the form of HomeLegal Realty, a property brokerage firm comprising a small but efficient team of real estate attorneys. Launching in Hermanus early in 2019, they provide services for the whole Overberg region, and only the Overberg region. A small team working together in unison under one roof in a focused area as opposed to a single agent constantly running about across a wide area provides major benefits.

Having a team working on your property sale means there’s always going to be someone available to answer any queries you may have, without this response to queries negatively affecting the speed at which the various processes can be completed. Furthermore, remaining small provides the benefit of the entire team easily staying up to date with all the pertinent information required, which further expedites both the processes involved as well as ensuring efficient response to queries. Add to this the professional expertise and intimate knowledge of market trends in the Overberg of the attorneys and property practitioners comprising the team, and the choice to make use of their services quickly becomes a no-brainer. This is exactly what the team at HomeLegal Realty aims to provide: small team efficiency, expert knowledge, and peace of mind.

The cherry-on-top differentiator of the firm, afforded by their small-team work-ethic, comes in the way of exceptionally low commissions - only 1.95% + VAT commission to their clients, payable only after successful transfer. While this is subject to a minimum fee of R22,500 + VAT, this minimum is currently also the lowest among similar firms offering flat-rate fees (the nearest competitor starts at a flat-rate of R 35,000 + VAT).

It doesn’t stop there however. They further set themselves apart from the competition by offering last will and testament services for free with every transaction, and they place no limitations on selling options for sellers by not requiring exclusive mandates.

The combination of all these benefits places their clients in an exceptionally favourable position to always sell their own house.

To summarize, here are the primary reasons you’d choose HomeLegal Realty over real estate firms in the Hermanus and the Overberg to save massive amounts of money and sell your home the right way:

  1. The lowest commission in the Overberg of 1.95% + VAT, payable upon successful transfer - you don’t pay if the sale doesn’t go through.
  2. Locally practising attorneys and property practitioners attend to the valuation, listing, marketing, sale and consequent legal transfer of your property. The entire sales process from beginning to end is handled by one expert team in unison.
  3. Intimate knowledge of the Overberg region with all team members having lived and worked in the region for several years. You can rest assured that they know the area and the associated market trends like the backs of their hands.
  4. Superior customer service coming from the efficiency that is only possible in a small but focused team of experts, working together as one, committed to selling your home.
  5. Generous helpful information are always on-hand, on-demand.

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HomeLegal Realty

Buying or selling a home is a big step and at times stressful.

Trust our real estate attorneys to streamline and effectively handle the purchase or sale of your property from start to finish at a low fixed commission.

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